• Bellwether provides continuous monitoring, detecting both gradual changes and sudden events caused by strikes, scour, and earthquakes.
  • Bellwether is complementary to human and drone inspections. You need Bellwether for the same reason your physician orders lab tests as part of a physical exam.  
  • Make your visual inspections more effective and efficient by cueing inspections based on comprehensive, objective information.
  • Live load inspections are highly desirable but are often difficult or impossible—Bellwether presents live load information from the entire bridge after each train.
  • Establishing and monitoring trends is difficult with conventional inspections. Bellwether provides trend information based on measurement and calculation. 
  • Make inspections safer for your inspectors. Our sensor modules safely take readings in even the most difficult spots.
  • Scour is responsible for more bridge failures than all other causes combined. Sudden scour can destroy a bridge in minutes. Bellwether is always there and can measure things that can’t be seen through murky water.


    ...senses things you can’t see.
    ...can help you be safer, more productive, and effective.  



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   …continuously monitors and will alert you by message and email if a problem comes up. very easy to use and provides a dashboard of bridge performance.