• Bellwether is currently installed on operational Class I railroad bridges. 

Do you know the condition of your bridges?   ​​

​​​and damage assessment.    

Chief Engineers    

• Bellwether has proven its ability to detect previously unknown defects. 


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• As damage accumulates, the rate of further damage accelerates. Early detection and repair save money.

Managers &    

Successful testing and validation of Bellwether has been accomplished in a two-year, $1million test program on mainline bridges in cooperation with a Class I railroad.

• Bellwether immediately detects strike impacts from vehicles and watercraft. It sends timely alerts  


  • Improve your capital allocation and budgeting for bridges. Use comprehensive knowledge from Bellwether to triage and establish a 3-5 year bridge inventory plan to keep, rebuild, or replace.
  • If replacing a bridge, verify the status of the substructure before design decisions are made. Then monitor the bridge closely until replacement is completed. If it needs replacing, keep a close eye on it.
  • Need increased system velocity? Set slow orders for chokepoint bridges based on objective bridge performance measurements. 
  • Accomplish faster, more effective recovery following an incident such as a fire, collision, or an earthquake based on end-to-end assessment of the bridge.