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HA has created an affordable, wireless electronic structural monitoring system called Bellwether.  Bellwether's structural assessment and monitoring system is a breakthrough because it provides an affordable option for monitoring conditions across your entire structure.  

Our field-tested signal processing algorithms can analyze live or dead load data to detect strike, tilt, deflection and provide a record of 3D motion during a sampling period.  Continuous monitoring with Bellwether provides near real time alerts to impacts, trains, and seismic events, along with sudden changes due to scour, collisions or earthquakes. 

Bellwether is perfect for aging structures for which no engineering plans are available.

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  • The true condition of your bridges based on objective measurements?
  • If a bridge is developing a problem—either gradually or suddenly?
  • If your bridge has suffered an impact?
  • What your five-year bridge inventory management plan should include?
  • If there is an earthquake, what has been the effect on all of your bridges in the area?