Bellwether brings affordability to structural assessment and monitoring.

Advancing Rail Bridge Monitoring

Heuristic Actions has engineered and developed an affordable, wireless electronic structural monitoring system called Bellwether. Bellwether’s structural assessment and monitoring system is a breakthrough because it provides an affordable option for monitoring conditions across your entire rail bridge structure inventory.

Our field-tested signal processing algorithms can analyze live or dead load data to detect strike, tilt, deflection and provide a record of 3D motion during a sampling period. Continuous monitoring with Bellwether provides near real time alerts to impacts, trains, and seismic events, along with sudden changes due to scour, collisions or earthquakes.

We are truly advancing the successes and efficiencies in rail bridge management.

Bellwether stands guard.

Bellwether offers a robust platform for sensor management, data collection, and analytics. The flexible platform can accommodate various sensor types and employ different analytic methods and algorithms.

Dead Load

• Tilt/Inclination Monitoring
• Collision/Impact and Seismic Monitoring
• Static Displacement

Live Load

• 3D Kinetic Energy Monitoring
• Wobble, Sway, and Deflection


Optional sensors can enhance monitoring with features like fire detection, video monitoring, and wind monitoring.

Learn more on how the Bellwether will change the way you monitor your bridges.

Now you can enhance your bridge knowledge and facts, while bringing greater ease for management.

The Bellwether delivers the knowledge you need to make solid decisions on your bridges. The benchmark establishment followed by continual data capture will eliminate the guess work.

Key Captures

The true condition of your bridges based on objective measurements

Indication of developing problems on a bridge – either gradually or sudden

Registering if a bridge impact has occurred

Capture of any seismic activity in the area of your bridges

Accurate bridge facts that lead to solid five-year inventory plans

Learn how the Bellwether can enhance your bridge management programs.

“Bellwether provides unique information that helps me do my job more efficiently, effectively, and safely. Not only does Bellwether sense things I can’t see, but it’s there monitoring all day, every day.”