Setting the Standard.

Revolutionizing Bridge Monitoring Affordability

In the world of bridge monitoring, cost has often been a prohibitive barrier to progress. Yet, at Heuristic Actions, we’ve transformed this challenge into an opportunity with Bellwether: an affordable, game-changing wireless electronic structural monitoring system that’s rewriting the rules of bridge safety.

For too long, the financial burden of implementing comprehensive bridge monitoring systems has limited their accessibility. However, Heuristic Actions has shattered this barrier with Bellwether. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking, we’ve crafted a solution that’s cost-effective without compromising on quality or performance.

This groundbreaking concept, originally developed at the renowned Stanford University, provides Bellwether with critical advantages.

Unlocking Real-Time Bridge Safety with Bellwether’s Advanced Monitoring Capabilities

Our field-tested signal processing algorithms can analyze live or dead load data to detect strikes, tilts, deflections, and record 3D motion during a sampling period. Continuous monitoring with Bellwether delivers near real-time alerts for impacts, trains, seismic events, and sudden changes due to scour, collisions, or earthquakes.

Now, you can monitor your entire bridge portfolio 24/7.

Bellwether is particularly effective for managing aging structures with no engineering plans, providing ease of management and predictability for these bridges.

Delivering on our Mission:

Provide a unique, useful, affordable, structural assessment and monitoring system for use on railroad bridges, highway bridges, dams, levees and other structures.

As we fulfill our vision, our goal is to use our monitoring technology to provide safety and overall operation management improvements across all structural mediums.

A Focused Leadership Team

Jim Lochry — CEO/CTO

MS. USNA ’77. MS in Operations Research. Navy pilot. 35 years leadership in transitioning laboratory technology into mission-critical operational systems including introduction of GPS into Naval Aviation and chief engineer for a complex, multi-million dollar DARPA-sponsored program.

Paul Cowell — Chief Scientist

PhD in Physics. 45 years of experience in sophisticated signal processing with a specialty of extracting signals with negative signal-to-noise ratios. Distinguished Scientist at General Dynamics.

Linda Garrard — COO/CFO

MS in Taxation. Over 35 years in the IRS, including top level executive positions as a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES). Tax Attaché at the US Embassy in London. After IRS, Linda held the position of Tax Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP for nine years prior to joining Heuristic Actions.

Wayne Kennedy — Business Consultant

Wayne has over 30 years of experience in the rail industry and BSME, MBA degrees. Extensive experience in transportation systems including designing freight locomotives. Joined UPRR leading their Six Sigma quality program. Formed and led UP’s fuel conservation group for 15 years. After retiring from UP, Wayne became an independent consultant specializing in reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the rail transportation and trucking sectors as well as safety and operational analytics. He holds five patents, primarily in the rail aerodynamics space.

Leslie Bryson — Software Engineer

USMA ’84. MS in Software Engineering. Army helicopter pilot. 25 years experience in mission critical wireless-networked industrial sensor systems in pharma, petrochemical, and food manufacturing.